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Welcome to the
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Featured composer

Gerhard Victor "Gert" Trede

Gerhard Trede holding a piece of paper

Gerhard Victor "Gert" Trede (17 January 1913 – 30 September 1996), also known under the pseudonym Victor Cavini, was a prolific German composer for the Neue Deutsche Wochenschau and UFA Wochenschau during the 1950s and 1960s. Creating over 3000 compositions over his 40-year tenure, his music is still used to this day in film, television, and video games.

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Latest news

September 2022
Library Music Archives is now open, free to edit and free to browse!
September 2022
Library Music Archives is now open, free to edit and free to browse!
October 2022
Impress is revived as a dedicated archive label on APM, having new releases on that label, instead of the JW Vault Collection.

Media in search

Do you possess any of these rare items?

  • GT-24 - Top Melodies
  • GT-25 - Gratulationen
  • GT-26 - War No More = Nie Wieder Krieg
  • GT-27 - Musikreise Um Die Welt I = Journey Around The World
  • GT-28 - Musikreise Um Die Welt II = Journey Around The World II
  • GT-29 - Musikreise Um Die Welt III = Journey Around The World III

If you are in possession of any of these items, email us or join the Discord. That way, we can properly rip and archive these releases.

Did you know...

  • ...that Gerhard Trede's middle name is Victor, which he used for his alias, Victor Cavini?
  • ...that Harry Bluestone started playing violin at the age of 4 1/2?
  • ...that De Wolfe is regarded as the first library music company?
  • ...that during WWII, Gerhard Trede opted to rent motels out to spend time with his wife?
  • ...that many library tracks get renamed in re-releases?
  • ...that Dennis Berry founded the Southern Library of Recorded Music, and was the head of the Synchro Recorded Music Library (Sam Fox's 78rpm unit)?
  • ...Roger Roger has composed for 11 total labels?